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Work with a leading firm that helps you reach your financial goals.

Clients We Serve

Retirement can be an exciting yet uneasy time. We can help alleviate anxiety by establishing, implementing and/or adjusting our clients' plans. We provide guidance on when to begin taking Social Security benefits as well as how much money to safely withdraw from bank accounts without depleting the principle.

Starting a career can be a confusing period in life. We can help early career professionals navigate their way through the new benefits offered to them such as HSA, 401(k), Restricted Stock Units, pensions and group life insurance. Understanding and utilizing these benefits can launch an individual's finances in the right direction.

Being a successful executive or business owner can be demanding. We are here to help save time and maximize success by managing personal finances, diversifying concentrated stock positions, strategizing the exercise of stock options and advising on a potential sale of the business.

Implementing, maintaining and improving 401(K) and Cash Balance Plans can dramatically improve employee morale. We reduce the busy load of administrators by aiding in this process, taking an active role in educating employees, helping reduce administrators' fiduciary exposure and cutting costs.

Life can spring financial decisions upon us in spite of our best laid plans. We can walk you through the financial ups and downs of these transition moments, providing sound advice to guide your financial course.


Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.

                                                            John L. Beckley

About Us

David Johnston

Branch Manager

KC Johnston

Financial Advisor

Here at White Cap Wealth Management our goal is straight forward: we put our clients first. With decades of combined wealth management experience, our team is rooted in a foundation of providing excellent service while forming trusting, long-term relationships. The professionals at White Cap Wealth Management and our clients enjoy working together to form a comprehensive plan that will preserve and grow their wealth. With White Cap Wealth Management, you work with an experienced team committed to being your trusted advisors.

How We Help Clients

Personable. Proactive. Proficient.

Our wealth management approach spans all aspects of our clients' lives, tailoring advice to individual needs. We are committed to listening to our clients' concerns, adjusting our investment plan accordingly while focusing on quality, performance and risk management. As independent brokers, we are not urged by a company to use particular investments nor are we compelled to refrain from others. We choose investments based on a rational, thorough approach. Rather than inanely attempting to forecast which way the stock market will swing in the short term, we focus on identifying and investing in sound businesses with reasonably-priced shares that have potential for substantial earnings increases. 

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