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     All of our clients are looking for the satisfaction that comes from working with a trusted and competent financial advisor. The needs of our clients differ depending on their unique situations, and we gladly provide tailored advice for their individual needs.

Retiree/Late Career Professional: Some common concerns clients often have as they approach retirement or have already retired are: 

  • Will I run out of money?

  • When should I take my social security benefits?

  • What are some tax strategies I should be using in retirement?

  • How much money can I safely withdraw each year and maintain my principal balance?

Retiree/Late Career Professional

Early Career Professional:  Clients who are beginning their careers frequently request assistance with 401(k) asset allocation, IRA accounts, life insurance needs, 529 accounts, and custodian accounts. The professionals at White Cap Wealth Management seek to provide advice to help build investment accounts and get finances off to a wise start.

Early Career Professional

Executive/Entrepreneur:  Executives and entrepreneurs can face unique challenges with large concentrated stock positions, stock options, deferred compensation, and the potential sale of their business. These decisions can have a significant impact on their financial wellbeing and we are happy to help.


401(k) / Cash Balance Plans: For plan sponsors who manage company 401 (k) assets, we assist with the design, implementation, and continual monitoring and improvement of their plans. We can help plan sponsors cut costs, improve their investment lineups, and help reduce their fiduciary exposure.  In addition, our high income clients often take advantage of a cash balance plan which allows them to defer substantially more income from taxes than a standalone 401(k) plan. 

401(k)/Cash Balance Plans

Life's Transition Moments: In spite of our best laid plans, life can be full of surprises. These surprises can bring financial uncertainty. Some common questions we can answer include:

  • I'm getting divorced. How will this affect my finances?

  • I changed jobs. What should I do with my old 401(k) plan?

  • I just received an inheritance. How do I manage this sum of money?

Life's Transition Moments
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